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Curved Blackhead Tweezers

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Having trouble with nasty blackheads? Do you want to eliminate them in a hygienic way? Try this new approach to blackhead and whitehead extraction. Traditional methods like using fingers can force bacteria even deeper into the skin and create scarring, especially when finger nails are long. It is also likely you may introduce new kinds of bacteria into the skin with your fingers, leading to inflamed, swollen, and infected skin. These tools allow for a more precise and hygienic extraction of sebaceous filaments that even pore strips will leave behind.

*It is recommended that tools be cleaned with alcohol before and after use as well as stored hygienically.


– 100% High Quality
– Effective way to remove blackheads to minimise damage to skin
– Tweezer length: 11cm
– Needle length: 12.4cm
– Material: Stainless steel

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